Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Are you the type of person who is controlled by your emotions?!  Do you spend the majority of your time and mental effort ruminating on what someone else did to you; the problems and anxieties you have in everyday life; what your lover is doing behind your back; how you are going to pay your bills that have gone unpaid; and more… ?!  You can STOP IT today!  With Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) you can reduce or release yourself of these toxic emotions within minutes.  EFT has helped soldiers with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) when traditional psychotherapy couldn’t.  EFT is a technique that everyone should know.  It is simple, quick, and effective.  Anyone can use EFT to improve their life, drastically in some cases.


Emotional Freedom Technique is a system of tapping on the end points of the body’s energy centers (also known as meridians) while bringing up a strong toxic emotion that you would like to have cleared.  These meridians are the same energy centers that are used in acupuncture and acupressure.  The premise of EFT is that an emotion is a disruption in one or more of the body’s energy centers.  By tapping on each of the end points associated to each of the energy centers, the energy disruption that is causing the emotion will be cleared.  This clearing causes the energy center to return to a state of balance and therefore the emotion to return to a state of balance. 


Emotional Freedom Technique can be used for many issues, but the issue must be centered on an emotional or impulsive charge.  EFT is then used to balance the energy center and dissipate the emotion or impulse.  Your mind may still focus on the issue, but the emotional attachment to the issue is gone.  To give you an idea of emotions and/or impulses that can be reduced or eliminated with EFT, the following list is provided (this list is by no means all inclusive): anger, fear, stress, anxiety, anticipation, sadness, jealousy, shame, guilt, dread, lust, nervousness, and habits.


Emotional Freedom Technique can be done anywhere.  Considering it only takes a few minutes to do, you could even excuse yourself to use the bathroom to do some EFT work on yourself.  If you have a hard time sleeping due to a charged up emotion, your bed is a great place to practice EFT for relief.  You will sleep like a baby after a few rounds of EFT tapping.


Below is a list of steps that explain the process of how to do Emotional Freedom Technique including illustrations of the tapping points; or if you prefer, you can scroll down to the video at the bottom of this page which shows you how to do EFT.


Step 1 - Assess your level of emotional charge.  By using an imaginary scale from 0 to 10 (10 being the most possibly charged up and 0 being no emotional charge) give your emotion a number.  This number will be used to gauge your progress during the EFT tapping process.


Step 2 – Reset and/or prepare the body’s energy flow to accept the EFT work by doing the following. On your chest, in either one of the two spots shown below, you will find an area of tenderness.  These spots are located about 3 inches down and 3 inches over from the V-spot where your collar bones meet.

Locate one of the two spots on your chest and begin rubbing that spot while repeating the following:

“Even though I have this insert issue here , I deeply and completely love and accept myself”.  Say this twice while continuing to rub the tender spot on your chest.  Your body’s energy flow has now been prepared to accept the EFT tapping process.


Step 3 – Begin tapping on the points shown in the pictures below.  A brief explanation of the points will be described after each picture.  (Note: you can tap on either side of the body, it doesn’t matter which side you choose)  Tap from 7-10 times on each spot as you say statements to yourself that charge up the emotion or impulse while you tap.  The point of this process is to encourage the emotion or impulse to peak out so that when you tap on the end point of the energy center, the stored up energy will be released.

The first EFT tapping point in on the top of the head; the second EFT tapping point is at the inner part of the eyebrow; the third EFT tapping point is at the outer part of the eye on the bone; the forth EFT tapping point is under the eye on the bone; the fifth EFT tapping point is between the nose and the upper lip; and the last EFT tapping point on the face is located between the bottom lip and the chin.

The next EFT tapping point is located on the torso of the body at the inner part of the collar bone (on whichever side you choose); then you continue EFT tapping under the armpit about 4” down.  For women, this spot would be right where the bra strap crosses that area of the body.

The rest of the tapping points are located on the hand.  You tap on the outer part of each finger including the thumb but excluding the ring finger.  The spot on each finger is located where the nail makes the turn at the bottom of the nail.  You should tap between the nail and the fleshy part of the finger.

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The very last EFT tapping point is located at the karate chop point of the hand.  Use your opposite hand to tap on this point.  This concludes one round of EFT tapping.


Step 4 – Re-assess your level of emotional charge.  By using an imaginary scale from 0 to 10 (10 being the most possibly charged up and 0 being no emotional charge) give your emotion a number again.  This number will likely be much less than your original number, proving that the emotion or impulse has lessened.


Step 5 – Repeat Step 3 (another round of EFT tapping) as many times as necessary to bring the emotional or impulsive number down to a one or zero.


This concludes the tapping on this issue.  The strong emotion will not return and you will be free from it.  Please note: You do need to tap on every nuance of an issue.  For example, for the fear of spiders, you may be scared of how they look (so you would tap that down to a 1 or 0); you might be scared to sleep in your bed because a spider might be under the covers (so you would tap that down to a 1 or 0).  The point is, there may be more than one trigger attached to a single issue.  You will need to tap on them all.

For more information on EFT please visit Gary Craig’s website (the founder of EFT).  On his site there are videos of EFT tapping in action so you can see the results first-hand.  It should be mentioned that Gary uses a more basic approach to EFT and excludes some of our tapping points.  He considers them extra tapping points to be used if EFT doesn't work with his basic set of EFT tapping points.  Our system incorporates all of the points to ensure success.

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