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Subconscious Mind Tools

Learn these free amazing self improvement techniques to change your subconscious mind in order to reach success with hardly any effort at all.  Warning! - If you are not ready to experience the life of your dreams and enjoy success beyond your belief, do not commit to learning these techniques.  Your life will not be the same again.  There is no turning back once you learn these techniques; your mediocre life will be over.

Note: Before exploring the contents on this page, it is suggested that you read about the subconscious mind if you haven't done so yet.  It will explain why it is important to learn about, effect, and reprogram the subconscious mind.  This will help you understand why the below tools are so effective at helping you to create beautiful, powerful changes within yourself.  It is strongly encouraged that you try each and every tool shown below.  When you find a tool that works for you, teach your friends and family because they can benefit too.

We wish you success in your new endeavours!

Image of hypnosis spiral representing the feeling of being hypnotized

Hypnosis is by far the most effective tool to change your subconscious programming for success!

When you are in hypnosis, it really means you have allowed your physical body to completely relax and your mind to calm.  In this state, your subconscious mind is more open to suggestions and will accept the suggestions more easily without critically analyzing everything that is being said.  This allows positive suggestions to penetrate deep within the subconscious mind, which is 88% of your total mind power, and change your behaviors to more easily accomplish what you desire.  (read more about hypnosis)

Doing the Mental Bank is like getting a hypnosis session every night while you sleep!  You will be amazed how your subconscious mind strives for success.

Image of Mental Bank book

If you are the type of person who truly believes you are not living up to your full potential, you need to start The Mental Bank today!  You will be amazed at how your thoughts change and how you start attracting money like a magnet.  It really seems to work by magic.  However, the system is well thought out, has been tested over decades worth of time, and is based on well researched principles of how the mind works.  (read more about The Mental Bank)

Image of E&P book

Understand yourself and others at a subconscious level!  Build or attract a relationship that lasts a lifetime!  Increase sales!

The E&P Attraction theory is based on decades of research into what makes people attracted to each other on a subconscious level.  It breaks the personalities down into two types, emotionals and physicals.  By understanding the two personality types you will have a better understanding of yourself and everyone you meet.  You will be able to communicate with people better and even start to predict how people will react, given certain stimulus.  (read more about The E&P Attraction)

Image of head with meridians showing EFT tapping points

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a system of tapping on end points of your body's energy centers in order to release charged up toxic emotions within yourself!

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a tool that allows you the ability to release pent up toxic emotions.  It is a tapping system that removes emotional charges from the body's energy centers.  EFT can be used to relieve strong emotions like anger, jealousy, sadness, etc.  EFT can also help to control habits such as gambling, smoking, eating, drinking, etc.  EFT has been used to treat war veterans with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) where traditional therapies failed.  Free yourself from toxic emotions today!  (read more about Emotional Freedom Technique EFT)

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