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By learning about The E&P Attraction you will understand people at a subconscious level.  It explains two different personality types.  There is the E which stands for Emotional, and there is the P which stands for Physical.  Emotionals are more reserved, introverted, enjoy work and hobbies, tend to be over-thinkers, and don’t have a strong mind body connection.  Physicals have outgoing personalities, like to be the center of attention, need people around them to interact with, enjoy a healthy sex life, and have a strong mind-body connection.  It is important to note that no one is all emotional or all physical, they are a percentage of both, but there will be a dominance towards one or the other.  In the E&P theory, opposites attract.  A low emotional will attract a low physical and a high emotional will attract a high physical, at least in a relationship that will last.


So how does knowing all of this help you?!... In many ways actually.  For starters, knowing that there are two different personality types and that both are completely normal.  A high emotional for instance may believe there is something wrong with them.  They may think, “why can’t I socialize and feel comfortable with a group of people”, “why is my sex life not as important to me as my partner”, or “why do I overanalyze an issue to the point of anxiety”.  The point is that there is nothing wrong with the person, they are acting like a normal high emotional.  Secondly, you can mend relationships if you know what is important to your partner by knowing their personality type.  By knowing what is important to them, you can focus your attention on providing them with more of what they need instead of wasting time giving them what they don’t need.  Thirdly, if you are not currently in a relationship and are looking for someone that is a good fit for you, you’ll be able to choose a mate that is best for you.  You may even be able to predict where your perfect partner might hang out, and visit those places a little more often :) !  Fourthly, physicals and emotionals perform much differently during sex.  Emotionals actually get sexually active in cycles; wouldn’t that be something good to know if you are a sexually active physical :) !  Also, emotionals don’t have a good mind body connection, so they will need more time to begin to feel sensations in their body.  Physicals love to snuggle and caress after the sexual act, whereby an emotional will want to flee ASAP.  Lastly, by knowing someone’s personality type, you can begin to predict their behavior.  This is not only important in a love relationship; it can be important in dealing with your boss or co-workers, selling product to customers, impressing a person interviewing you for a job position, and much, much more.


To learn more about The E&P Attraction, watch the below video presented by George Kappas, Dr. Kappas’ son.  He will explain the theory to you in detail.  If you wish to pursue the subject further, the book is available in the Gift Shop section of this site.  We wish you success!

The E&P Attraction

Image of odd looking couple in a love relationship

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