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Download hypnosis sessions right to your computer.  This is the next best thing to scheduling online hypnotherapy sessions with our lead Certified Hypnotherapist Scott Kee.

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Hypnosis is by far the best tool for altering subconscious programming to effect positive change.  If this is true though, then why isn't everyone volunteering to be hypnotized?...  The answer is that most people have only been exposed to hypnosis by way of stage shows and Hollywood movies.  Stage show hypnotists make people do silly things and look like they are controlling the audience members.  Where is the self improvement benefit in that, right?!  Hollywood movies on the other hand, usually show hypnosis in thriller movies and make hypnosis look scary or dangerous.  It is a shame that people don't understand the amazing benefits of hypnosis because they have been conditioned to fear it.  Keep reading and you will be one of the few who knows the truth about hypnosis.


What is it like to be hypnotized?

When someone enters the hypnotic sleep, it really means they allow their physical body to completely relax and their mind to calm.  In this state, their subconscious mind is more open to suggestions and will accept the suggestions more easily without critically analyzing everything that is being said.  The word SLEEP is misleading.  It sounds like you will be unconscious and not aware of your surroundings.  This can seem scary because if you are unconscious you might be taken advantage of while in the state.  You can put your mind at ease though, hypnosis is NOT sleep.  The reason hypnotists use the word sleep is that it is the closest word that can possibly describe what hypnosis feels like.  The word sleep also provides the person being hypnotized a reference to a state they are familiar with.  In this way, if the person being hypnotized pretends like they are sleeping, they are well on their way to allowing themselves to be hypnotized.  To describe what hypnosis really feels like, imagine you are reclined back in the most comfortable plush chair you can think of.  Your eyes are closed.  Now imagine your body being able to relax totally and completely until it almost feels like your body is separate from your consciousness.  Your senses are heighted so that you can visualize things more clearly, experience feelings more strongly, go on amazing journeys in your mind, even hear, smell, and taste the experience you are imagining.  You are in a heightened learning state.  All the while, you are aware of what the hypnotist is saying.  You still have your morals and ethics in place, and won't do anything against your will.  You could open your eyes at anytime and walk out the door if you didn't like how the session is going.  You are in total control!


Can the hypnotist make me do and say things that I can't control?

Hypnosis, when used for therapy, is not about control.  It is about working as a team with your therapist to assess limiting behaviors and use the tool of hypnosis to alter those behaviors to better suit your current life desires.  The hypnotist does not have any special power or magic that hypnotizes you.  The hypnotist actually does not hypnotize you at all; YOU hypnotize yourself with the help of the hypnotist.  The hypnotist merely guides you into the state of hypnosis.  It is up to you to accept the suggestions and allow yourself to be hypnotized.  If you don’t want to be hypnotized and/or you reject the suggestions, you cannot be hypnotized.  But let’s face it, most people that seek out a hypnotherapist have an issue they want help with.  They allow themselves to be hypnotized and trust the suggestions of the therapist because they want help.  Assuming the hypnotherapist is skilled and well educated, the more the person being hypnotized puts their trust in the hypnotherapist and follows the suggestions, the quicker and more effective the therapy will be.


Why is hypnosis so effective?

The reason hypnosis is so effective is that when you are in this state, the part of your mind that critically analyzes suggestions isn’t as strong during the process.  For example, if I told you “money is abundant and you can attract as much as you want without hard work”, in a conscious waking state, you would likely have many rebuttals to that statement.  You may tell yourself, “I have never seen anyone make a lot of money without working hard”, “my parents told me money was hard to come by”, “my parents were not wealthy, so why would I be able to attract money”.  This is your critical self doubting the suggestion because of past conditioning.  What is amazing about hypnosis is that your critical self doesn’t question as much.  It accepts suggestions much more easily and doesn’t battle everything the hypnotherapist is saying.  It says, “I suppose there is an abundance of money out there for me to acquire”, “I see plenty of wealthy people in the world, there is no reason I cannot be wealthy”, “I see myself as a magnet and money is drawn to me”.  These new, more beneficial suggestions make their way into the subconscious mind and start to reinforce the positives.  When you are brought out of hypnosis, these are the new suggestions the subconscious mind uses to determine what is possible for you.  You soon begin to achieve more than you ever thought possible.


Why am I stuck with my limiting behaviors?

Your mind is somewhat like a video recorder only much more powerful and sensitive.  Your mind can record visual and auditory input, as well as inner self talk, feelings, emotions, tastes and smells.  Now imagine this very powerful recording device as it records your life experiences from conception until about 9 years of age.  After this point, your mind stops recording and instead starts to play what it has recorded.  This recording plays in the back of your mind all day, every day for the rest of your life.  It influences your every thought, belief, action, reaction, and emotion.  You develop limiting behaviors because of the limiting beliefs you have playing on the recorder in the back of your mind.  You try to talk to the recording and convince it that some of the information isn’t who you are anymore.  It doesn’t listen.  You begin yelling at it, trying to get it to understand, but it still doesn’t listen or change.  The reason is you are talking to a video recorder stuck in play mode.  So how do you change this recording?!...  You have to push the record button again and re-record what you want playing in the back of your mind.  How do you do this?!... With hypnosis!  Being in a hypnotic state is like pushing the record button of your mind.  You can then alter the programming and begin playing back a new program that will produce your desired outcome.


How many types of hypnosis are there?

There are two types of hypnosis.  One is called hetero hypnosis which is when a hypnotist is assisting another person to enter the hypnotic state.  The other is called self hypnosis which is when a person hypnotizes themselves using the same techniques that are used in hetero hypnosis.  If you are someone who would like to use hypnosis for change but don’t want to be hypnotized by another person, self hypnosis could be right for you.  You can achieve good results, it’s free, and you don’t need anyone there to assist you.  There are certain limitations to self hypnosis.  First, you are giving yourself your own suggestions which may not be worded properly to be effective.  Second, it is hard for you to see the solution to your issue because you are engrossed in it and have a limited vantage point.  A therapist can help you to become aware of solutions you may not be aware of.  Lastly, a well educated hypnotherapist can help you to shed more light on the issue and/or may have better tools to deal with your issue.  For the best results, it would benefit you greatly to make an appointment with a hypnotherapist in your area.  A hypnotherapist is invaluable when it comes to making continued and lasting changes in your life.


You are just going to snap your fingers and fix me, right?

Hypnosis is only effective at changing your subconscious programming which is about 88% of your mind.  There is still the other 12% of your mind which is your conscious thoughts.  In order for hypnosis to be of benefit to you, there will be some work on your part to keep the conscious 12% of your mind motivated to achieving your goals.  You will need to be committed, stay focused, and follow through on the changes you are trying to make for yourself on a daily basis.  The reason is that your time with the hypnotherapist will be limited to one hour per week.  Even though a lot can be accomplished during this time, it is a minuscule amount of time compared to the remaining hours in a week.  If your will isn’t strong during the week, it will weaken or even nullify the suggestions given during hypnosis.  One brilliant tool that can be used in addition to hypnotherapy to reinforce suggestions on a daily basis is The Mental Bank.  These two tools working together will create the quickest and most effective change for you and help boost you to new heights.

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