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Give the gift of Hypnotherapy to a loved one or close friend!  They will love you for it!  This gift certificate includes a past life regression session, 120 minutes in length and includes a recording of the hypnosis portion of the session.


  • During our past life regression session we will discuss what you hope to achieve during the session. Maybe you want to explore a past life in order to relieve yourself of an issue you are having in this life. Maybe you just want to have fun or learn a little more about yourself. Whatever your reason, you will enjoy a two hour session where we will discuss what hypnosis is and what you should expect the experience to feel like. You will be guided into a very pleasant relaxed state of hypnosis and your past life will be explored. You will then be counted out of hypnosis to a fully awakened state feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and refreshed. The hypnosis portion of the session will be recorded and e-mailed to you after the session.
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