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Image of woman measuring her waist representing weight loss.

Three reasons your mind may not want to release weight

Reason #1 – Very simply, your mind may not believe it deserves to lose the weight.

Past conditioning sometimes keeps us believing “who am I to be slim and beautiful”, “I don’t deserve to look good”, and other similar self defeating thoughts.  If we ever do start to lose weight, our subconscious mind starts to panic and feeds us self sabotaging thoughts like “this is too hard”, “the weight is coming off too slowly”, “these bland foods are so unfulfilling”, or “I am tired of working out so diligently”.  We then gain the weight back.  This satisfies our subconscious mind because it gets to return to its comfort zone.

Reason #2 -  Secondary gain (aka something you are getting from having excess weight).

One example of this would be saving your relationship by not being attractive.  If you were more attractive, you may cheat on your partner if given the opportunity.  Another example might be, if you are unhappy in your current relationship, that you become overweight in hopes that you won’t be attractive to your partner anymore so THEY choose to leave you.  This saves you the pain and/or trouble of having to break-off the relationship yourself.  Realize you don’t do these things on purpose.  You don’t even realize you are doing them.  This is your subconscious mind at work.

Reason #3 – The mind uses weight like an emotional shield.

There is something about excess weight the mind can find emotionally comforting.  It’s like there is a big cushion between you and the world around you.  It can provide feelings of comfort, protection, and a distance from the world.  Weight can also be used to store emotions.  Most people believe emotional conflict is stored in the brain.  This is not completely true.  What the mind can’t handle gets stored in the body.  So if your emotional conflicts are being stored in the body, what would happen if you lost weight.  Where would those emotions go?  The subconscious mind isn’t willing to find out, so it holds onto the weight.


So you know why your mind is holding onto the weight.  But what can you do about it?!  You must change the perspective of your subconscious mind.  Also, you must work on your emotional issues and learn to release these issues versus storing them in the body.  And how do I do that you ask?!  The most effective way to alter your subconscious mind for success is hypnosis.  There are many weight loss hypnosis products online.  Below are some products from a site we recommend, but you should do your own research to find products that best suit you.

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These hypnosis products will definitely help you to reach your weight loss goals but they are not nearly as powerful or effective as customized private hypnotherapy sessions.  Our lead hypnotherapist Scott Kee is available to anyone in the world via online Skype hypnotherapy sessions. Skype hypnotherapy sessions are a very powerful way to alter your subconscious mind and are nearly as effective as in-person sessions.


If you are interested in booking a Skype hypnotherapy session with Scott Kee right now, give him a call at 951-501-9325 or click here to fill out our contact form that will be e-mailed to him immediately.


We wish you success using hypnosis for weight loss!

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