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Image of woman measuring her waist representing weight loss.

The TOP 5 reasons to use hypnosis for weight loss

The purpose of using hypnosis for weight loss is that it is a powerful tool to alter your subconscious mind.  Your subconscious mind is nearly 90% of your total mind power and it has the mindset of an 8-9 year old child.  Your subconscious mind is very comfortable with being overweight.  It doesn’t want to change because any change will lead you into unknown territory.  The subconscious mind fears the unknown because it may have to experience something it has never experienced before.  So, like comforting a scared child, you have to start to communicate with the subconscious mind to let it know everything will be okay.  You need to let it know how important to you it is to lose the weight.  You have to get it excited about the benefits of reaching your goal weight.  You need to convince it to create a new, more positive image of yourself, and to strive to be that person.  Hypnosis is the absolute best way to recondition the subconscious mind.  The subconscious mind must be onboard in order for you to lose the weight you desire.


Below are the TOP 5 reasons to use hypnosis for weight loss:


Reason #5 - To impress upon the subconscious mind the benefits of weight loss.

Your subconscious needs to get excited about all the positive benefits of losing weight.  It needs to look forward to how great you are going to feel, how much energy you will have, how attractive you will be, how much better your clothes are going to fit, how much healthier you are going to be, and whatever else is important to you.  

Reason #4 - To provide you with tools to better deal with weight loss.

There is a beautiful technique called anchoring that is a great tool to use during the process of losing weight.  While you are in hypnosis, you can envision yourself doing something that elicits a state of extreme motivation (as one example).  You can then link something you do physically (like squeezing a fist) to those feelings of motivation.  After coming out of hypnosis and in a waking state, when you make a fist, it will trigger the feelings of motivation.  It is similar to when you hear a song on the radio that triggers thoughts of youth, excitement, or maybe thoughts of a special someone.  Then, whenever you feel yourself in a state of complacency or slumber, you can squeeze your fist and instantly trigger feelings of motivation.  There are other tools as well, like having your subconscious mind hear the word “STOP” when you are starting to eat too much or “NO” when you are reaching for that cookie or piece of cake.

Reason #3 - To keep you motivated.

One of the biggest pitfalls when in the process of losing weight is dwindling motivation.  This is because most people are only motivated in their 10-12% conscious mind.  The other 88-90% subconscious mind is totally against weight loss.  Hypnosis is the key to getting the subconscious mind onboard.  You will then have complete 100% motivation towards your goal.

Reason #2 - To break and/or alter habits.

Let’s face it, after many years of eating poorly you develop BAD eating habits.  You reach for yummy and delicious snacks without even cognitively thinking about it.  Hypnosis for weight loss can help to STOP these self defeating habits and start to replace these habits with positive ones.  Your subconscious mind can learn to enjoy eating healthy, nutritious foods just as much as eating junk foods.

Reason #1 - To change your subconscious conditioning and break associations.

The number one reason to use hypnosis for weight loss is to undo conditioning that no longer works for you.  Maybe as a child you were told that you were fat, lazy, ate like a pig, were no good compared to your siblings, or things of that nature.   Your childlike subconscious mind needs to know that is NOT who you are and that people’s opinions about you aren’t important or accurate.  Also, you need to reprogram what you learned about your relationship to food.  If you grew up in a family where social functions included lots of food, or around a parent who made you feel better by giving you a sugary snack, you are now conditioned to these bad habits.  These unhealthy associations to food must be altered and/or broken for you to be successful losing weight.


Okay, so now that are you convinced you need hypnosis for weight loss, how do you begin, right?  There are many weight loss hypnosis products online.  Below are some products from a site we recommend, but you should do your own research to find products that best suit you.

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These hypnosis products will definitely help you to reach your weight loss goals but they are not nearly as powerful or effective as customized private hypnotherapy sessions.  Our lead hypnotherapist Scott Kee is available to anyone in the world via online Skype hypnotherapy sessions. Skype hypnotherapy sessions are a very powerful way to alter your subconscious mind and are nearly as effective as in-person sessions.


If you are interested in booking a Skype hypnotherapy session with Scott Kee right now, give him a call at 951-501-9325 or click here to fill out our contact form that will be e-mailed to him immediately.


We wish you success using hypnosis for weight loss!

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